Death-row to Pool Life: From Zero to Hero!




As the world’s first entre-paw-neur, I’m a rebel with a cause. 

My line of street-smart contemporary pup apparel is designed not only to make your dog look like a million  bucks but also to help shelter dogs with every purchase. Did you know that over 2.7M cute little schmucks just like me get killed in US shelters each year because they didn´t find someone to adopt them in time (That’s the people population of Chicago!)


Our “buy one hoodie, give a goodie” promise is all about supporting second chances by rewarding people who adopt a dog at our partner rescue organizations such as “Unwanted NYC Pets”, the good people who helped my assistant Nneka to get me out of death row last minute. If you wanna know what else you can do to fix the broken shelter system, check out this article here!